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Jowat PUR Flushing Agent, Cartridge, Red, SKU Jowatherm 93094-83IG

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Jowat PUR Flushing Agent, Cartridge, Red, SKU Jowatherm 93094-83IG


For flushing out applicator units for PUR hot melts after extended down times or during
complete standstill.

Direction of Use

Due to a special additive, the chemical reaction of the PUR hot melt adhesive is prevented
during the flushing procedure. Allow all adhesive to be extruded completely. Then fill the
unit with the Jowat flushing agent and melt. The entire amount of flushing agent has to
run through the hose and nozzle; then repeat the procedure to ensure that all hot melt
residues have been removed. Before taking up work again, the flushing agent has to be
completely removed from the equipment. If this is not done, it may be possible that the
desired crosslinking reaction will not take place when reactive PUR hot melt adhesives
are processed.

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 in
Part #






Temperature Range

approx. 80°C (176°F)


9kg (20lbs)/box


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